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Explore STEM Opportunities with the Alabama STEM Council!

The STEM Council, established under Executive Order No. 721 by Governor Ivey in September 2020, is at the forefront of enhancing STEM education, career awareness, and workforce development across Alabama.

 Key Objectives:

Advise the Legislature, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and State Department of Education.

Contribute to the improvement of STEM-related education initiatives.

Foster career awareness in the dynamic field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

 Building on Alabama's STEM Success:

The Council seamlessly integrates with Alabama's Roadmap for STEM Success, strategically advancing the state's initiatives. Situated within AIDT in the Department of Commerce, the Council is a hub for driving STEM excellence.

 Executive Order No. 721:

Discover the foundations of the STEM Council's mission and impact. Executive Order No. 721 outlines the commitment to shaping a robust STEM landscape in Alabama.

🔗 Learn More: STEM Council Website

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