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About Us

Empowering Communities. Transforming Lives.

The Grove Community Outreach Inc. prioritizes community well-being. Their healthy vitality may improve themselves, their families, and their communities. We create and personalize educational programs for our community's youth, especially those from economically distressed families, with our steadfast support.

We empower youth and advocate for STEM policies and practices that reduce racial and gender inequities. We want everyone to prosper on an equal playing field.

We created a bright tapestry of change that touched many lives and changed our community. We foresee a world where every family flourishes and chances are limitless. Join us as we change the world one life at a time.

What We Do

We are driven by unwavering commitment, we empower low-income families to rise above adversity and seize boundless opportunities. Believing in the inherent potential of every individual, we nurture a haven of empowerment where dreams are cultivated and barriers are shattered. Through comprehensive support, educational excellence, bridging essential gaps, and data-driven insights, we create a tapestry of change that empowers our community to thrive. Together, we rewrite the future, informed by evidence, and fueled by limitless possibilities.

Our Story

The Grove Community Outreach has a rich history of investing in the power of education and promoting access to STEM opportunities. One of our flagship initiatives is funding several afterschool math programs, in partnership with PicScience, across the Wiregrass region. These programs are designed to ignite a passion for learning, foster critical thinking skills, and open doors to the exciting world of STEM.

Today, math program has served over 90 fourth and fifth-grade students in multiple locations, including the Elba Public Library and three other esteemed venues: Hawk Houston YEC in Dothan, Alabama; Time Youth in Dothan, Alabama; and the Boys & Girls Club in Daleville, Alabama, as well as homeschool coops, in Coffee County, Alabama, (shelby county). By reaching students in diverse settings, we ensure that every child, regardless of their background, has access to quality math education.

Our success is rooted in collaboration with dedicated educators and passionate scientists. Together, we have co-created a program that specifically tailors training for students who have shown poor arithmetic performance. We understand that basic arithmetic skills serve as the foundation for more advanced math and science courses. By addressing these fundamental concepts in an engaging and supportive environment, we equip students with the tools they need to excel academically and pursue exciting STEM possibilities.

The impact of our afterschool math programs reaches far beyond the classroom. We are empowering the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, shaping their futures and opening doors to endless opportunities. At The Grove Community Outreach, we believe that every child deserves access to quality education and the chance to unleash their full potential.

Join us on our journey as we continue to invest in educational excellence, foster a love for STEM, and transform the lives of students across the Wiregrass region. Together, we are building a brighter future, one equation at a time.

Meet the Team


Marisa Henry 

Project Manager


Marisa Henry 

Project Manager


Marisa Henry 

Project Manager


Connie Banks

Outreach Specialist


Sydney Brackin

Program Coordinator 


Lamar Goosby

Technology Specialist

Our Partners

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